Why WhatsApp not demonstrating Double penetration – Profile Picture of few Contacts

Why WhatsApp not demonstrating Double penetration – Profile Picture of few Contacts

No doubt WhatsApp is one of the amazing mobile messenger till date, its thick user base, effortless & diversified functionality making it stand out of the crowed. Now we can say WhatsApp is close friend of everyone's life. We all agree that WhatsApp making everyone's life more attractive & pleasant. But in this interaction we have to maintain our privacy too which is another serious factor of online world. WhatsApp already have few privacy control instruments like blocking unwanted stuff etc. but it sill lagging in few issue.

[Update two thousand sixteen ] : We did few research & found its occurring due to limitation on WhatsAPP data storage processing. Please do see following movie to fix this issue.

[Update] : After lots of suggestions this hidden update was rollbacked by WhatsApp and now they introduced this privacy control feature in Application itself to control who will see your ‘Lastseen,Status and Profile Pic' If you still face profile pic Issue we suggest to download latest version of whatsapp for Android and Whatsapp for iOS many people resolved it by updating to latest version !

Recently I was doing interaction in one of my WhatsApp group where we share some funny stuff, after browsing few data I navigated to main screen of WhatsApp and I was amazed ! most of my contacts Double penetration vanish. I thought their is an issue with my mobile application, So I re-install it but still I faced same problem. I google a lot but didn't get decent solution. I totally soaked-up as I was not getting why it was happened. I asked my fellow mates about this issue but nobody was facing such stuff. Then I correlated that it was happened because I rooted my Andorid ��

After few tweaking I realize that it was my myth and reality is WhatsApp roll-out security patch to enhance privacy of contact Double penetration and its result is here…. Ahh.. eventually I got something genuine .

WhatsApp has enhanced security for Double penetration/ProfilePics

Now you can't see others Double penetration/ProfilePic till that person also add/save your number/name. It may seen in list becasue of system cache, but once you attempt to open it ,it will vanish. So now if u don't want someone to see your Double penetration/profilepic in WhatsApp, than just delete that name/number from contact list. That person can't see your Double penetration than after. This is applicable is in Groups also. Its good news for women who always have major concern about their privacy than guys. ��

Their is no official announcement about this fix but I personally checked it and its working as expected.

Will this update create misunderstanding in people?

Yes absolutely, I know after reading this your mindset defiantly going to think differently, now you can know if that person have your contact saved or not. This might create wrong indication inbetween people. Which is totally in favor of human physiology. But I suggest don't judge someone from such crap stuff. Your trust is more significant in this. I have few close friends who don't have my numbers save in their mobile but it doesn't mean they have some different intention.

Keep away your virtual world from your actual world, as we know WhatsApps is game of Psychology.

Its better to ask your Friends to add you into their contact list if they are convenient.

This security patch seem to be legitimate & I suggest you to reproduce following step to update your contact list on WhatsApp database.

REFRESH your WhatsApp contact list.

1. In WhatsApp Main screen click on TopMostRight side ‘+' button which is near to search button.

Two. Then you will see list of contacts, simply hit OPTION key and click REFRESH option.That's it everything is up-to date from your end.

Now-onward only your contacts can see your Double penetration. Many people welcome & denied this feature as its having two sides of coins. I think WhatsApp need to take review of people before persisting it permanently.

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