How to Save Snapchat Movie? Delete SnapChat

How to Save Snapchat Movie?

Snapchat has proven to be a big hit. A lot of people love the idea of being able to send wild or otherwise exposing selfies and movie to others without having to ever worry about their secrets getting out. It has taken boasting and secret sharing to a entire fresh level.

In fact, the company just recently added two fresh features, namely texting and movie talk. The fresh features are meant to add an air of sophistication to the app and encourage users to use Snapchat for more than just sending pics of themselves in the buff.

Yet at the core, this service has always been about being discrete. It was ever about the confidence users could display in their message, knowing that their privacy would be maintained because what they sent would soon be erased, or would it?

App designers and hackers have long figured out that the messages sent through Snapchat aren’t indeed instantly erased, but saved in a folder. Now you can take advantage of that by learning how to save Snapchat movies, even with the sender remaining entirely unaware.

Any Snapchat movie you receive may seem to vanish from your phone, but can in fact be recovered, even saved, at your caprice. The process is a elementary one, but it will require that you have access to a computer.

1. Connect your phone to a computer.

Two. Download a third-party file browsing app, such as iFunBox for iPhone, or Moborobo, which works for both iOS and Android, and use it to navigate through your phone’s system.

Three. Locate the Snapchat/tmp folder and find the movie that was sent.

Four. Copy the movie file to the computer.

Viola! Now the movie is in your power to do with it as you see fit. You can simply see it over and over again, or send it to others so that you can all poke joy of the movie together. Best of all, this is exactly how to save Snapchat movies without them knowing. Unlike when you take a screenshot of a message, the sender doesn’t get the benefit of a notification when you download their movie to a computer.

An Even Lighter Method – Saving to Android or iPhone

Not in close proximity to a computer and want to save the Snapchat movie? Now there are even some apps, such as SaveSnap or SnapKeep for iPhone and SnapCapture for Android, that let you save the pictures and movies right to your phone.

Simply download the app. Then, before opening the message, use the app to download it. You can then open the message without having to worry about it disappearing later on.

Good Ways to Use Saved Snapchat Movies

Saving Snapchat movies doesn’t always have to be for the sake of exposing someone else’s wildest moments that they dared to send. With the fresh features added to the app, there are many ways having the capability to save the movies sent could come in handy.

When using Snapchat for business purposes, saving a movie might be for the sake of simply keeping track of significant conversations. The message may contain project-vital information that you would need to reference later. In fact, the possibilities are almost limitless.

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