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You take a #wakeupcall selfie via our app.

We donate $1 to UNICEF for saving children in Syria.

Famous models, athletes, and actors have already

shown their support, by taking selfies very first thing

Why? To have joy and help the children.

Join the challenge!

Millions of people

Connect with the right one for any question, moment or life situation.

Wakie for iOS is coming to the App Store.

The app is being reviewed by the App Store Review Team.

Please leave your phone number to be the very first to know about the launch.

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What is Wakie?

Wakie is a place to have friendly conversations with people from all over the world.

Wondering how the weather is in Argentina? Ask someone who’s there.

Need advice, but rather not ask your friends? Talk to someone who can suggest insight.

Books, news, cooking, parenting, business, love, and any other life issue you can think of—

On Wakie, you can find someone to talk about it within seconds.

How it works?

Wakie is free, anonymous, and connects you with people 24/7.

Just post a topic, and leap into a phone call or have an online discussion.

No phone numbers or individual info is exchanged.

Phone calls last twenty minutes max.

Commence a conversation now!

INSTALL the app and see what the the Wakie community is about!

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