Observe: Chattanooga Chamber drops hilarious PSA movie


The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce has released a hilarious promotional movie highlighting some of the main reasons entrepreneurs stir to Chattanooga.

The movie is part of a promotion called “Chattanooga, Literally Flawless,” which features the “independent spirit” of the city and why good companies choose to call Chattanooga home.

In the PSA, we go after the tongue-in-cheek story of youthful entrepreneur Sadie, who coded the fictional smooching booth app MouthTime that “uses pressure sensitivity to rate your funky lip act and connect you with other lonely canoodlers.”

In the movie, we see that just by moving to Chattanooga and using the city's resources (i.e., the gig), Sadie is able to increase her downloads by a “metric butt-ton.”

“Our entrepreneurs are in danger,” suggests a description of the movie. “They are permanently getting caught in the vast tangle of crimson gauze that most cities carelessly leave in their paths. If we don't do something soon, we could see a finish collapse of the North American population.”

Chattanooga-based movie content company Pathfinder worked with the chamber to create the series of “slightly irreverent” PSAs.

After you love the fictional PSA, a visit to the website offers brief profiles of several actual companies that operate in Chattanooga. Companies featured include Bellhops, VaynerMedia and Branch.

Viewers are encouraged to use the hashtag #CHAperfect to share the movie and discuss why Chattanooga is the ideal place to embark a business.

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